Offering design support from start to finish!


We start with a conversation so that we can understand our clients and find a style that they will love! We expect to create a functional space that will exceed our clients wishes and expectations!

Develop Your Design

With each project, we work closely with our clients to ensure that our design includes input from our clients. We work hard to earn our clients trust so that they feel comfortable allowing us to take the wheel! Our goal is to achieve a design that the client approves 100%!

Custom Fireplace Walls

Many of our clients move to Naples from up north and miss having a fireplace in their homes. You CAN have a beautiful custom built fireplace in South West Florida! You can even use it everyday! We proudly partner with Great Walls Of Fire and our clients love the results! They understand the importance of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere where you can relax and make memories with your friends and family!


The excitement starts! We unveil our design ideas and materials room by room to help our client see the vision and how it will feel from room to room.

Ordering and Installation

The excitement turns to magic! The day has come to take your design dream and turn it into reality. We will install wall coverings, window coverings, whole house technology, built in wall features, lighting and beautiful furniture. In other words, we deliver the canvas that we designed especially for our individual client!



"Robyn we were so lucky to have you as our designer. Our condo in Kalea Bay tower 300 is beautiful and anyone who see it love everything about it, including my family. This why we are asking for help in our house what we just renovate and choices of furnishings are absolutely beautiful. We are so excited to see how our condo on tower 400 will look like after you finish decorating. Thank you so much for making our condo and house beautiful that we enjoyed very much."



"Robyn DeZego was a pleasure to work with during our rennovation at Pelican Marsh. We purchased a 20 year old condo in its original and dated condition. Robyn organized the entire redesign of the kitchen and bathrooms, selected furniture, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, tile, flooring, paint colors and even artwork. The result is a beautiful condo with a new coastal feel. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the process when updating or rennovating a home. I absolutely made the best choice using Robyn. Her contactor was also excellent and a pleasure to work with. His work was on target and the quality impeccable. I would absolutely use her services again and recommend her to anyone renovating or updating their home, large or small."



"Robyn is a go getter! She responded to our needs immediately, setting us up with the right contacts, the most professional people and researched and found choices for us on our various wants and needs while building our new house. She always had suggestions to guide us, always kept on top of the progress and followed through with completing each task."


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